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Desperate To Save Money On Cigarettes?

January 13, 2015

Smoking can be quite an expensive habit. Tobacco cigarettes are 5 to 6 times more expensive today than they were 20 years ago. The main reason for this price increase is the fact that cigarettes are proven to be harmful, therefore all governments want to discourage people from smoking. One good method is to increase the price so much that many smokers will quit because they won’t afford it anymore.

Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder so many tobacco cigarettes smokers switched to e-cigs. Electronic cigarettes smoking or vaping, as it is also known, is both less harmful and less expensive. In terms of cost, it can help a regular smoker save up to $2,000 per year. In case of heavy smokers, this figure can be even higher. St. Louis MO vapor shop says that their average smoker used to spend up to $5,000 a year.


Most part of the savings come from the fact that the only big expense you have to make is in the beginning, when you need to buy your starter kit. This might cost you somewhere between $50 and $70. After that, you are only going to need cartridges or e-liquid, both of them being way cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. One bottle of e-liquid could cost you $1-$2 and it is the equivalent of more than one pack of tobacco cigarettes which may cost $4-$8. If you are a regular smoker who used to smoke one pack a day, you are going to save a few dollars every day, 365 days a year. Do this for 10 years and you can save enough for a new car or for a trip around the world. This is money you don’t have to make any effort to obtain. You don’t even need to quit your smoking habit.

E-cigs are also healthier than regular cigarettes, so you might save some money by not having to visit your doctor that often. Smoking can make a cold or a flu extend its duration, thus making you spend more money on drugs.

Another way e-cigs can save you money is by not polluting the air like regular cigarettes do. You won’t have to spend money on air fresheners or odor removal products anymore, at least not for covering the unpleasant smoke smell. Your breath is also going to smell much better, so you won’t need so many mints or other refreshments.

If you do the math, all above mentioned things can add up to a very nice amount each year. Another positive thing about e-cigs is that you can gradually decrease the nicotine content until you get to zero. When you reach this point, you can quit smoking electronic cigarettes for good without having to fear any nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You are going to enjoy a better quality of life. Besides, if you saved all the money you could have spent on tobacco cigarettes, you might be able to offer yourself a very nice treat and be in good health. It’s never too late to make the switch, and if you don’t like it, you can always switch back to your expensive smoking habit.

The Logistics Of Saving Money On Heating Costs

January 6, 2015

There are various ways to keep warm when one is in inside a house or at home. One very common and popular of chasing away that cold is by lighting a fire at a designated spot inside a house. This designated space in a house where a small fire can be lit is called a fire place. The fire easily makes the entire room or living area warm and bright at the same time. This feature is quite common in people’s houses and it is even a necessity for some families that live in really cold places.

People who live in the coldest parts of the world cannot live without fire places in their homes. It is almost impossible to get through all those cold nights without a source of heat to keep people warm when they are inside their homes or house. People who do not live in very cold places also have fireplaces in their homes for other purposes.

One major use of a fire place apart from the fact that it keeps people warm is that it is also a good source of lighting for a room. Light is necessary especially at night to enable people to see what they are doing and even continue to go about their day to day activities. The flames of fire that are burning at the fire place are in most cases very bright and they are capable of illuminate very large spaces and rooms.

A fire place is not just about the heat and the light. There is much more that this facility has to offer in a home. The presence of this designated space in a house creates some sought of beauty especially if the fire place has been neatly incorporated into the design of the house. The fire place can be seen as a very attractive feature of a house.


This facility can be constructed in many different shapes, sizes and designs as well. Many fire places are normally part of the walls of a house where a slight depression is made on the sides and bottom of the house to give room for the above facility. The fire is then lit in this small space and a kind of vent or exit channel is created to allow smoke to escape out into the atmosphere.

A single home can have so many such places where a small fire can be lit. This may require that this house or home to have multiple chimneys or even a single chimney that connects to all the fire places in the house. An intricate system of air vents has to be used in such a case and this requires architectural intervention to make it possible.

The above type of fire place is known as conventional or traditional. This has been the most widely observed form of fire place that can be found in so many homes in many parts of the world. This is however changing as the above type of fire place is gradually being faced out by a more modern and innovative smokeless fire place.

This new type of ethanol fire place is not just like any other that has been seen or has existed before. This new innovation makes use of bio ethanol fuel to bring about the fire that warms and lights up a house. This special type of fuel produces no smoke at all and this means that fire just burns quietly without any fumes or by product.

The above type of fire enables the creation and developed of all new and innovative fire places that can be moved around from one section of the house to the next. The fire places come in form of transparent glass boxes that come in many different shapes and sizes. The boxes are made in such a way as to make them really attractive and simple at the same time. The fire that burns here produces similar heat and light as a normal or conventional fire would.

There are so many detailed designs for bio ethanol fire places that people can choose from. Depending on the location where such a facility will be positioned at, one can choose a design and shape that matches to the specific part of the house. When this feature is added to a home, there is an unmistakable change that cannot go unnoticed by visitors who come over.

The amount of light that comes from the above source is a lot and it can be controlled to vary the intensity according to the preference that someone may have. Whether one wants a dim light in a room or a really bright light to illuminate a whole space, there is no limit to what one can do with such a facility. Installation of this fire place should be a priority for all those people who have an eye for good things.

The above innovative feature can be easily added into the home setting without investing a lot of money. Some people may be inclined to think that getting these bio ethanol fire places is a huge financial gamble that they cannot make but this is not the case at all. The above facility is quite affordable and pocket friendly to purchase.

One gets the value for their money on purchasing this new home utility. The benefits that come with it are so man that they cannot be listed down all on paper. People should embrace the future and the many tech innovation that are being developed each and every day. This facility is one hundred percent dependent on green energy which in this case is the fuel that powers up the smokeless fire.

Green energy is the best thing to have every happened to the world especially in the current drastic times we are living in. Saving on energy is an initiative that everyone should participate in and one can easily begin or embark on doing so by investing in better and more efficient home solutions such as this one.

How to Save BIG on Travel Expenses

December 15, 2014

Whether you are traveling to the next city over or the the next country over, there are several ways you can save big on travel expenses. Most of the ways you can cut costs depends on where you are going and when. One of the most basic ways to reduce your expenses, especially if it is for vacation purposes, is to travel in the off season of the destination. Hotels and transportation companies tend to be open all year round, and in the low or off seasons, will offer extreme discounts on services to help keep up their numbers and fill quotas. This will mean you can even find deals on services like renting luggage. For example, I took a golf trip in an off season and saved a ton on getting golf travel bags for rent.

The biggest way to save is by being flexible and knowledgeable.

Spur of the moment trips can be difficult to cut costs on and tend to be singular events. However, well planned trips can save you more than enough for repeat occurrences. Be prepared and learn about what the prime and off seasons time are for the destination. Beachfront resorts in the tropics tend to have the heaviest traffic during the Summer months, but have lulls at other times. Watch for annuals mark downs and deals that crop up only at certain times. Any major travel destination that pulls in a lot of tourist as an economic resource will offer different specials throughout the year to keep the economy moving. Winter holidays tend to not see as many crowds on the beach, which means there are more likely to be specials run during them. These discounted times can crop up at odd points during the year, so being flexible with when you want to travel can help you get the best deal possible.


One of the biggest travel expense people encounter is food.

If you have a hotel room that has a mini fridge and microwave, or at the very least a microwave, you can save hundreds on your trip by using the local grocery instead of eating out for every meal. Canned or bottled drinks, peanut butter, jelly, bread, snacks, and canned meals that don’t require refrigeration can be obtained just about anywhere. Stocking up and eating in your room by making your own meals can save you a lot when traveling, just as it can at home. If you are not able to stock a lot of meal type items, then sign up for a local grocery store membership to save money.

Funding Construction Projects With The Right Type Of Loan

October 6, 2014

Construction loans help finance both commercial and residential construction projects. Bridge financing is a type of financing that helps provide funding between the start of a project and when permanent financing comes in. There are various types of financing options the keep in mind the needs of the borrower. Financing for building is categorized into two types: residential and commercial.

Commercial Construction Loans

Real estate used for business is classified as commercial property. Financing for commercial construction is used to build structures such as restaurants, shopping malls, and office buildings. These types of loans are used to build a new structure, purchase real estate, renovate an existing building, or expand a structure. These types of loans are provided by credit unions, commercial banks, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and other types of lending institutions.

Commercial construction loans are further categorized into specific types of loans:

Acquisition and Development Loan

This type of loan covers purchasing the land and making improvements. Most improvements are known as horizontal improvements which include things like building roads, leveling the land, installing a sewer system, curbing, and grading. Typically, the building will be responsible for at least a portion of the cost of acquiring and developing the land, since the lending institution will usually not lend the entire amount.

bridging finance

Mini-Perm Loan

This type of loan is typically used by a builder before they can access their permanent sources of financing. This is a type of bridge and is a short-term loan used by the builder to build their operating history and help access long-term, permanent financing.

Bridging Finance Information

This type of bridge financing helps a builder or home owner bridge the time between when they apply for permanent financing and when it is approved by the lending institution. Bridge loans are typically provided by private lenders which is how they differ from mini-perm financing.

Take-Out Loan

A take-out loan is a permanent loan where the buyer of a structure uses the funds from the take-out loan to pay for the structure and the builder then uses those same funds to pay off their construction loan. The lending institution typically is part of the entire process, lending the funds to both the builder and the buyer.

Construction Interim Loan

This type of loan provides funding during the construction phase of a project. The loan is typically for a period of anywhere from six months to three years. During the period of the loan and construction, the builder will typically make interest-only payments on the balance of the loan. The approval of the loan is often subject to getting the permanent long-term financing. There loans have certain restrictions such as prepayment penalties and floating interest payment.

Joint Venture Loan

A joint venture loan happens when a lender and a builder enter into a partnership to share the profits and losses from a project. This partnership is used to obtain the necessary funding for a project.

Real Estate Purchase Loan

This type of loan is generally used to expand and improve existing commercial property. These loans typically use the existing property as collateral for the loan.

Residential Construction Loans

When a homeowner is building a new home, unless paying cash, a construction loan will be necessary to pay for labor and materials. The funds can also be used to purchase the land, too. Construction loans tend to be a little more complicated than traditional mortgage loans since the homeowner is borrowing money on something that is not built yet. The lender will want assurances that the home will be constructed on budget and on time.

If the construction loan will be converted to a mortgage when the home is complete, the lending institution will also want to be assured that the finished home and land will appraise high enough to support the amount of the mortgage.

Construction loans are sometimes called story loans because the lender needs to hear the story of the project and be convinced the homeowner and builder can make it happen. These types of loans come in a variety of forms and differ from lender to lender. Lenders also change the terms of these loans frequently, so it benefits homeowners to check around to find the best deal.

There are two types of home construction loans:
the one-time-close loan and the two-time-close loan. Money is disbursed by the lender based on a draw schedule that is pre-established by the lending institution and agreed to by the borrower and builder. The draw schedule typically allows for a certain amount based on completion of certain steps, such as completion of the foundation, another so much upon completion of the rough frame, etc. The point is to pay out for only what has been completed. The lending institution will also hold back retainage, which is usually ten percent of the cost of the project. This is help back until everything on the project is properly completed and a certificate of occupancy is issued.

One-Time-Close Construction Loan

These loans are the most popular type of construction loan for homeowners, but are also difficult to find in some areas. They are also called construction-to-permanent or all-in-one loans and are designed to wrap the construction and the mortgage funds into a single loan. This type of loans is approved by a single approval and has one closing which simplifies the process and reduces the closing costs.

There are several variations of this type of loan. Some types charge a higher interest rate for the construction loan and then lower the rate when it switches to the permanent financing. The borrower can usually choose from several types of mortgages offered in a type of portfolio. These may include a 30-year fixed or types of adjustable rate mortgages or ARMS.

Two-Time-Close Construction Loan

This is actually two separate loans. The first loan is a short-term loan used to fund the construction and the second is a long-term permanent mortgage. The homeowner essentially refinances when building is complete. The homeowner typically pays interest on only the money that is paid out during construction, so these payments are usually small.

Closing costs are usually larger for this type of loan since there are two closings. The mortgage rates may be better, though since the homeowner is actually refinancing for the permanent mortgage.

Financing construction, whether it is commercial or residential can be challenging. It pays to check out several lenders to ensure the best deal before signing on the dotted line.

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September 30, 2014

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I will be posting first about getting loans in construction.

Many people wonder what kind of loans construction businesses get.

Well my father was in the business so he knows every type and gave me the skinny,

There are a ton, which is why I’m posting about how many different ones there are!

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